Sono motors is a German based start up developing a Electric vehicle unique as its dressed in a number of solar panels. They claim the vehicle can recharge up to 34km by just standing outside. For a enthusiastic Dutch potential customer we printed the car before but exited about the performance of our new Formlabs Form 3 we decided to give it a more impressive shot.

The file was repaired and hollowed out. Then printed in grey resin on our Form 3. After a quick clean and UV hardening the print is ready for paint. The surface is so smooth it doesn’t need sanding. the model was painted shiny black after which the windows where taped. A matt clear coat finished the rest of the body.

New this year we also have a in-house UV-printer. This flat bed printer can print all colours incl white to any kind of material. We used it to produce the solar panels which were printed onto water transfer decals. The base plate was also printed using this technique.

It became a nice little model.