For someone special we got the request to reproduce his exact Jaguar SK180. Carefully restored over several years. As a car enthusiast I loved this project.

There are millions of car models around so it would not be feasible to reproduce the model in full. After some research we found two very nice scale 1:18 model. One had the black body we needed. The other the red interior and convertible roof open. Both however with closed rims and not the absolutely stunning looking spoked rims of our customers car. Not to big issue though. After receiving the models we reversed engineered the rims and printed them on the Formlabs Form 3. Stunning detail and narrow spokes. We also printed the two extra lamps on the front bumper.

The car was assembled using the black body, red interior and its new bespoke wheels. Final touches was to make it left hand drive, instal the extra lights on the front bumper and give it its correct number plate. Final model was fixed to a wooden baseplate and completed with an acrylic cover.