We use decals for our work so here we give you the opportunity to enjoy these in the same quality we do.

  • UV-Printed in full CMYK colours and/or white
  • White color can be printed as pure white or as a backing color for the CMYK colours
  • CMYK colours are in general see-through meaning they will be affected by the background color they are applied to. They only work well on white or very light backgrounds. If you wish to apply them to darker surfaces we print the white ink first as a backing color.
  • White ink is thicker then CMYK ink and therefor the white ink will be felt as a slight inclination
  • Telling the printer where to print white ink requires photoshop and some time from our side, hence the price difference.
  • To get a sturdy and durable finish on the final product the decals can be coated with a clear coating.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us  or read our Application guide for waterslide decals