Flat bed UV-printing in full colour and white

Meet our UV flatbed printer that is similar to your office printer with some major differences:
  1. It can print on any kind of flat surface and any kind of material. From A4 and A3 paper to objects up to 330x620x200mm in size.
  2. The object remains flat on a moving bed so it does not move through the printer. It can not get jammed or wrinkled.
  3. It can print white ink both as pure white or as a base for printing vibrant colors on top.
  4. The ink is instantly cured with UV light. Ready for use.

Waterslide decals in full colour & white

We use our UV-printer to print high quality waterslide decals in both full colour and white ink. The white ink is used to print white letters but we can also use it as a background for the other colours. These colours then become more vibrant and are unaffected by the surface color the are later applied to.

Name plates

We print nameplates in-house in full vibrant colours incl white.

We have 3 plastic materials in stock of about 1mm thickness. A mat white, a glossy white and a black plastic with brushed metal surface.

UV-print your objects

We can print any flat surface and any material of objects up to a size of 330 x 620 x 200mm. Think of packaging materials, phone cases, pens, USB sticks, ceramic tiles, plastic covers, wood, toys, model trains etc

Printing on Black

With white ink we can print on dark and black objects and still get full vibrant colours and/or white.

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