Custom naval warship and submarine scale models

100% made in the Netherlands

Our Naval ships are 100% made in-house using the latest 3D-printing techniques. We design and prepare the date we receive. Make 3D visualisations for you to confirm before production. Then we 3D-print and process the models in-house on state of the art SLA 3D-printers. All parts are painted to your specification and even the decals and markings are made in-house. Finally the models are nicely presented on baseplates and acrylic covers.

Naval frigate vessel

This scale 1:165 Damen Sigma frigate vessel is 600mm in length. It was completely designed in-house and printed in only 2 pieces on our SLA 3D-printer. The parts fit together extremely well and together with smooth surfaces and crisp details we can produce these much faster than before.

Submarine model

This scale 1:165 Submarine is 430mm in length. It was completely prepared in-house and printed in a single piece on our SLA 3D-printer.