Looking for that special car model?

We get regular requests for car models. There are many good car models available in the world and those are mostly made by the thousands in quantity. That’s how they keep the prices relatively low. How do we customize one piece of car model to your own details? We usually take an existing model from the market and adjust it to your personal wishes. We can change almost everything from colors to rims, bumpers or other details. All these parts are individually designed and made in-house.


Case studies

Jaguar XK180

  • Color change interior
  • Swap right hand drive to left hand drive
  • New design rims. Fully designed and constructed in house
  • Add spotlights on front bumper.
  • Personalized number plates
  • Exclusive packaging with wooden baseplate, acrylic cover
  • Personalized nameplate

Prices from 750€


  • Full color change car body and window frames.
  • Personalized numberplate
  • New decals and logo’s

Prices from 750€