Here is how to apply our decals

  • Cut out your decal as close to the printed text as possible. For best result use a sharp fine knife and steel ruler. Place the ruler onto the printed text and cut the exces non-printed part away.
  • Clean the surface you are going to apply the decal too.
  • Use room temperature clean water and drop your decal into the water. The decal might curve a little. Only a few seconds is enough. Some very small decal only need 2-3 seconds. Bigger once might need up to 10-15 sec.
  • Move the whole decal to the surface where it will be applied. With pliers pull away the support paper from underneath the decal.
  •  You can still move and position the decal while its wet.
  • Now use a cotton stick to wipe the decal from the center to the outsides thus removing the water underneath.
  • When the decal looks fine let it dry for 3 hours
  • For a sturdy finish on objects that will be handled, a final layer of clear coat can be applied.